Friday, May 23, 2014

bonus post

i did the whole alphabet and tried to post it on a new tab at the top called *goofy stuff* but i can't see it, so i will keep wrestling with the blogger tools. in the mean time, this illustrates the point that you have to look at your letters before you turn them into glasses. the M just had to be joined, so the a just had to be goofy. and the letters t and i are also difficult to render as circles. so, they get cracked.

1 comment:

  1. note to anyone who blogs on blogger. you have to click on the little icon that is a crossed screwdriver and wrench and then click a virtual checkmark in a box by the new page and *voila* it appears. i love how the internet is full of goofy icons like little screwdrivers and wrenches so that people like me can actually figure out how to blog. it have a complete mental block on kb and mbs and gigs and all those measurements. i have to make the customer service people draw me pictures of actual buckets so i know what they are talking about. but i digress. i am just happy to have my new page up....i am sure there will be plenty more in that category.....