Wednesday, May 21, 2014

bonus post

the harry potter glasses below is the post for today. i am currently scheduling my july posts, but will insert this one in real time, because mary katherine sent me a pretty spectacular envelope yesterday. she is the latest addition to the uber-exclusive club IJHTFYBADTSYAE
joining, Smash, the founder of the club, followed by FinnBadger, TimTexas, Cathy, Jack, Christy and i am probably forgetting someone. anyhow, i was going to write to mary katherine and ask permission to post her envelope on the blog, but, then as i started making the leaves, i had one that needed to go across the stem and it bothered me and then because i was using slow drying g-tec, i smudged it so i have to start over or rather, i have to start another one to remedy the things i learned on this one, but i won't toss this one, i will somehow save it.

and a quick note to TimTexas: you posted a comment/question that i did not see until recently, asking if the scrabble tile envelope had a bar code on the back and -yes- it did. very faint orange, too pale to scan (not that i tried...but, it was very pale, i could hardly see it...and mr scanner is such a fussbudget, i didn't want to ruffle his feathers by asking for a scan)


  1. How strange to see my name here! I love the way you wrote Mary! Thank you for the kind words—feel free to post the envelope if you don't mind going to the trouble of blotting out my last name and street address. (Please forgive the delay in commenting; I just figured out how to do it without having a blog of my own.)

  2. your envelope should pop up on june 11th :-)