Thursday, May 22, 2014

thank you jeri

another birthday card and envelope. this one from jeri. she, along with most others, do not know when my birthday is. i pretty much have my identity attached to 411 so that everyone who emails with me will have it. but, since i am also such a clearinghouse of useless information, almost everyone assumes that i have 411 on my emails as some reference to *information.* and.... many years ago, my phone number was 274-1411. i loved that phone number and regret that i did not figure out a way to keep it.

for the youngsters who read the blog, many decades ago, if you wanted to call someone, you could dial 411 and a nice person would answer the phone and look up whatever number you wanted. then it changed to 1411, and at that point, i would occasionally get phone calls from people who for no good reason put a 274 prefix on it. of course, i always grabbed my phone book and looked up the number for them.

thank you jeri. this is a lovely little card and envelope. fur shur, i will be maintaining my calm in the coming years. my daughter's card says that if i start acting forgetful or confused, she will tell people that i am drunk, so they don't think i am getting old. aren't my kids thoughtful?

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