Friday, May 2, 2014

from roland

i forgot why i sent an envelope to roland. but this was the thank you for sending it. and now, i can't find this envelope. maybe i already posted it. either way. it's one of my favorites. i always loved rubber stamps, even though i had to delete them from my inventory. and i am a big fan of the red-black-white color combination always a nice combo. and the little touch of blue is nice, along with a stamp that is not all matchy-matchy. and i like how the stamp is wrapped around the edge. i wonder if he pushes the envelope by seeing how much wrapping he can do and still get them to honor the stamp as full payment for the service.
kudos to roland.

i got all dizzy at the p.o. the other day. the lady was really nice and asked me if i needed to come in the back and sit down for a while...i told her i thought i would just go find some coffee. she suggested i sit in the car for a while before i drove anywhere.  then i wondered how many people have dropped dead at the post office. i googled it and there are a bunch of articles about death at the post office (mostly shootings) -or- death of the post office. but no stories about just dropping dead. i'm feeling fine now.


  1. This envelope is so good, kinda grunge factor. It just really works. why did you delete the rubber stamps from you inventory? Space issue?

  2. partly space, but at least 50% of my issue with rubber stamping is that i get ink on my hands. and i don't like the whole clean up process. if i had an apprentice who had to do all the clean up, i would do all kinds of art. but, since i have to clean up after myself, the only thing i have patience for is cleaning a nib.