Friday, May 23, 2014

jan's kate's envelope

jan made this envelope out of a memento made by her granddaughter, kate. i love it for several reasons. i love kid art, i love how and where jan placed the address, i love that the p.o. did not cancel it, i love that i now have a use for all the kid art of my own, that i can't part with.

i think jan and i are going to start turning all of our excess paper into envelopes. we both have a *thing* for envelopes and we both are trying to clear out stacks of paper. should we keep a count or should we set a goal....or should we not bother with counting and goals and just get lost in the process?

or we could sell them on etsy to fund the nursing home of our dreams...not that we are that close to the nursing home, but, it might be a fun project. i've been pondering a nursing home just for artists...nice big studios... and just small cloisterish cells for bedrooms since most artists are happier in the studio. of course, you have to pass the JWTE to get in. that is the jean wilson tidiness evaluation. i won't share my space with messy artists...i think jan agrees.

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