Saturday, May 3, 2014

french mail art

this is from a french mail art blog. it reminded me of the movie Turner & Hooch. tom hanks plays a police detective who is uber-tidy. his artwork over his bed is an enlargement of his fingerprints in 10 frames. i always loved the art and wanted to do my own version. now i am thinking of doing envelopes. i need a section of *projects i would like to do but probably won't*
i call it *maybe projects,* since i would never remember what those letters stand for

here is a link to the blog


  1. Bonjour a toi Jean, c'est moi qui est réalisé cette enveloppe, je suis flattée de me retrouver ici, Voici mon blog: où tu trouveras d'autres enveloppes et mes créations diverses.

  2. thank you so much for the link. lots of nice artwork :-)