Sunday, May 4, 2014

interesting link

i ran across this very interesting blog posting on a wedding blog suggesting that the bride could do her envelopes herself using watercolor. the examples are very fun and beginner friendly. but, i think the artist, stephanie fishwick, forgot the part about how much variety there is in the quantity of information on any given envelope. sometimes you have

Amy Scott
Box 1234
Ames, Iowa

and sometimes you have

Mary Elizabeth Schmickerdoodle
Christopher Hermannstorffer
1234 East Kennebunkport Boulevard
Apartment 123
North Barrington, Massachusetts 02102

so you have to love eyeball-math to fit all the different amounts of information on standard size envelopes.

below is the link - there are several more fun examples, but i only recommend trying them if you want to do a few envelopes. if you are a bride thinking you are going to do this for your wedding, i hope you were intending to be bald for your wedding, because i guarantee you will tear your hair out if you think you are going to enjoy this process on 150 envelopes.

and another thing....this stamp was on the page of 10 different paintings, so, you would have to come up with 10 different color combinations to match the stamps and that is not a project for beginners. but the ideas are PERFECT for anyone who is just doing one envelope at a time. they are very beginner friendly ideas.

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