Saturday, May 31, 2014

thank you jack

i like jack's drawing of the is an homage to another artist...jack called it stealing...but, i think homage is the more appropriate term.
there is nothing wrong with doing your own version of something as long as you are not selling it or passing it off as your own.

the colors and stamp and style of lettering all go together nicely.
jack is one of my penpals from the blog. i can't say exactly how many people have spontaneously written to me after running across the blog...but, it's really fun to get mail from perfect, if you've been thinking about sending mail, go right ahead. and if you do not want your mail posted on my blog, just write that on the back...and i will keep it to myself.

i didn't ask jack if it was ok to post this. if you want me to take it off...i will :-)

1 comment:

  1. and i like the position of the red circle stamp. i have been hoarding them waiting for a brilliant use for them.