Sunday, May 25, 2014

stephen's studio

this is his studio address, not his home, so anyone who would like to surprise him with some mail should do so. he's a nice person and he will not respond, but, he is one of those people who would truly appreciate a random act of mail.

it is walnut ink on a crane's envelope. he told me about taking a fancy envelope from me to work to show to a few people and at first they just said, "Yeah, um-hum." he realized that they had no idea it was done by hand. after he said...some one WROTE that...they responded appropriately. stephen and i have a raging feud over who makes the best flourless chocolate cake. but that comment has no business on this blog, unless stephen reads the blog... the potholder has been thrown down (that's the kitchen version of throwing down the gauntlet. or maybe it should be the oven mitt, but, i don't like oven mitts.)


  1. I love the Stephen Hay envelope,it's perfect. Anyone would know it's hand written. Can a computer even do this customization

  2. thank you. there are some fonts that look like this and they have 100s of alternate characters and someone with good computer skills could replicate it. i would love to know how long it would take them to do it. maybe a couple hours? the advantage of handwriting is that it probably took me less than a minute. and it would not look good if steven needed to put the artwork up on a billboard. for that, we'd have to go to the computer, and have it digitized, or enlarge it and smooth it out by hand, which would also take a lot of time....