Wednesday, September 4, 2013


ooops, i spelled her name wrong. i'll get it right and send her an envelope for her birthday...which is coming up 10-11-12. isn't that a great birthdate? and her brother was born on 90210 - 9-02-10 - two birth dates that are easy to remember.

and, if carol still checks the blog, she will see that i have been stealing ideas off her blog.

maybe she will tell us if she thought of her idea on her own
or if it came from somewhere.

blue zig writer
outlined with g-tec
took some time.
small writing is uni-ball


  1. I did the envelope and sent it to Carol. Carol was working some designs with a compass and I was inspired that way. Here's my envelope..

  2. thanks for telling us how you two inspire each other. sorry, i didn't even have the attribution correct...i should be more letting people know from whom i am stealing ideas :-)