Friday, September 20, 2013

kathy eames table

i found a page of the eames stamps. wish they had been forevers.
the purple is a super wide copic marker. and it was not new and juicy
so it left some spaces.
i added the name with a white gel pan.
the address will be tiny black caps
but i can't decide if i want them between the two lines or at the top or at the bottom.


  1. Love this envelope. I've been saving a yellow eames chair stamp I need another 4c. Anyone out there with suggestions?

  2. from a color and shape point of view
    this is the one i would use.

    or the purple pansy love stamp - but it is 44-cents

  3. I think the Eames stamps are incredible in terms of their design.

    And Smash, if it was me I'd incorporate a 2nd yellow Eames - I'm just OCD enough not to care about overage when it comes to postage.

  4. i agree...i donate a lot to the p.o. but, i am just as OCD about letting go of the true favorites. there is always the fear that the day after you use the *last one* you will come up with a perfect idea and it will only be perfect with that one stamp, that -sadly- you no longer have.