Tuesday, September 10, 2013

191 hoefnagel ideas

a couple off-topic topics
and then, if you want to Read more, there are 3 envelope ideas.

Mira calligraphiae monumenta   (search that after you go to the link)


here is just one of the 191 images of work done by Joris Hoefnagel, the hungarian scribe who died in 1575.

lots of good envelope ideas.

i'm sticking this in case i don't get my scanner issue figured out.

i think john neal sells the book, not the actual book, a facsimile :-)
wow, would that be a fun project. buy the book of prints of the pages and then make your own actual *copy*


a very cool article about miniature books. many are at the u of iowa special collection. i have been to that library and it is fabulous.

below is the first hit of the day on pinterest, if you do a search for envelopes. it says it is from a flickr photostream belonging to starofmay. but if you click on it, it seems empty. i wonder what the deal is with pinteret. if someone pins your image, and then you take your image down, is the image still on the interweb f-o-r-e-v-e-r? you better think twice about what you put up on the internet, eh?

i googled starofmay
and it led me to a blog and website of a crafter-designer

i imagine there are a ton of ideas on her blog.
i did not take time to surf.


  1. I am amazed at the level of skill that some of our scribes achieved in historical times. We think we have adversity. What about electricity and tubes of paint, copiers, machine made nibs and markers. I spent a delightful day in the studio looking at old lettering books because of today's blog. Thank you

  2. yes...and the page i posted above just looks so contemporary...wild and playful...yet, with some serious skill.