Monday, September 30, 2013

directional address - bonus post today

this address gives the directions to the house, without giving the actual house number and street - or mentioning des moines, iowa specifically.
and best of ZIP code. 

it arrived at the correct house. although, i put the actual address on the back as the return address to insure that it would get to the intended destination. but they did not rubber stamp it with the *Insufficient Address - Return to Sender* rubber stamp.

i sent it because jim collects *covers,* which are envelopes with stamps and postmarks. he had shown me a new one in his collection that was addressed in a similar fashion - although it was a very old envelope. below is a scan of a photocopy. you can see that it says:
Mr David McCroy
Missourie Territory
Cape Giarradeau County
Near Jackson Village
Missispie River
Near the mouth of the Ohio River

the flip side says
Scufflton, S.C.
 to 13th Aug. 1820.

no mention of a volleyball court, guess they didn't have time for sports

i guess we are all very curious what the letter talks about.
maybe jim will transcribe it for us.

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  1. That envelope has a great antique look to it. Fantastic concept.
    I really like the panel of stamps, too. So many great stamps issued in the past.