Monday, September 16, 2013

lady bird

this purple outline was the original idea for the red robot head that i posted yesterday. i made it with jan's faber-castell markers. but the overlap lines bothered me, so i tried it in red, being more careful. then, when i ran across this one, i had no recollection of the red one and i tried to fix it. it was fine until i put in the features on the face and then...they were just wretched. but i had already applied the stamp, so i covered up the bad cartoon face with the sticker off the sheet of lady bird stamps. cathy sent me the stamps, so i will send it to her. i'll write around the

arch and see if the p.o. delivers it postage due for not conforming to horizontal addressing. the white is gel pen. i still like the idea and would do more, if i had time.

i suppose i could put the street and zip on her shoulders...that would make the essential part of the address level with landscape orientation.

i like the idea of the faber-castell arches enough to do some more....s-o-m-e-d-a-y

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