Thursday, September 12, 2013

smash + stella

she only sent me this scan so i can't see if that white rectangle, that is a letter, is a sticker or piece of paper adhered to the envelope. i love the idea of doing that.....
and i love the grass growing around the legs on the mailbox. i wonder if there are any mailboxes left that are on grass. seems like they are all bolted to concrete theses days.

is it concrete or cement? i do not recall the difference. i could google, but, it will be more fun to see if anyone answers me in the comment section.

 and a fun envelope from stella.  i like all the variations on the template.
thanks stella :-) my favorite part of your penmanship is that you keep your capital letters nearly the same height as the lower case. Very nice proportions.


  1. cement is an ingredient in concrete, but not enough to do the job on its own. soooo... concrete it is :). always inspired by all of the cool ideas you share - thank you!

  2. and thank YOU for taking time to post the info :-)