Saturday, September 21, 2013

pink trees

above is my first scan. i was not liking it at all.
it started with navy zig, then i added scribbles. i wanted to do something to go with that stamp. when i finally added the address and put the stamp on, i could see that the stamp had some green and thought it might help to add green. then i decided to beef up the tree trunks a bit. and finally, although it took some time, i squared off all the navy lettering. i don't know what it is about squaring things off that appeals to my eye. this series of stamps has been interesting to work with. the style of the images is rather traditional for me. as i have said before, sometimes when i don't really love the stamp at first glance, i end up liking the ideas that they generate. not always. but, i have learned to at least try.

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