Saturday, September 7, 2013

cathy tennis gold

i was having fun with the idea of these layered letters. i penciled them. then i went over them with a gold gel pen. i did my thing where i do three lines (sometimes more) and build up some thickness.  the trick is to follow the line, keep it smooth, but don't worry when it is a little off.
three layers of a-little-off = fine.

then i realized that if you erase gel pen, you remove all the sparkle. so if you enlarge this you will see the pencil lines. i might go ahead and erase the sparkles. the gold picks up the color of the tennis racquet. i didn't follow the rules about how to build perfect roman caps. i was looking at interesting places to overlap and connect and cozy-up-without-touching.


  1. Love the overlapping and the big O in the center. Romans are endlessly fascinating, especially when writing that name!

  2. do you have a way to remember which letters are in which width groups in Romans?
    MW -wider than a square
    OQ -fit in a square
    CDG - slightly narrower than OQ
    HAUNT VXYZ - slightly narrower, do you put K here?
    SELF PBR - halfish width, or do you put K here?
    I-narrow - do you put J with I or with PBR?

    i am going to post this to see if other have a system