Wednesday, September 18, 2013

sharpie daisies

the top envelope is one that jan received in an exchange. she brought it for show and tell. she had learned that it was done with sharpies, so, i decided to see if it was fun or not. at first it was a lot of fun. then when i got to the zigzag details, i gave up. i also had the problem that i had used a fuchsia marker where jan's had a darker red violet and i don't have that color, so i decided to send it to candy. it's not one of my finest, but, it was the one at the top of the pile on the day she sent an envelope to me and i was in a clean off my desk, there you have it.

the white dots are done with gel pen. i like the uniballs, but i also tried some pilot CHOOSE pens - in both white and gold. i like them.

jan and i discussed the quality of paper. mine is william arthur, very heavy. hers is very light weight. there is a difference, but one is not better than the other.


  1. It's all your fault, Jean Wilson!!!
    I'm supposed to be finished taking my shower and almost ready to leave the house for an appointment. What am I doing? I'm using my Sharpie makers to try my version of today's envelope. I'm going to have to finish later though or I'll be late. Thanks for another great idea.

  2. thank you for taking time to give me this update.
    as you can made my day... :-)