Friday, September 27, 2013

miss cathy + lady bird stamp

once again, i am not afraid of white space. i ended up liking these stamps more than i would have expected. and if i have not mentioned it lately. i love G-Tecs.


  1. I agree - the surrounding white space really makes the lettering pop, and the edges of the stamp fade. Maybe I should make more envelopes that have more white space...

  2. have you used up all your existing envelopes?
    i'm guessing it will be a lot of fun to look for printed material that has more white space...and still allows you to find a good *cropping* for the front of the envelope.

  3. Heard on CNN that there is a rumor that stamps are going up 3c to 49c
    I asked at the PO and they have not heard a word
    Talk about white space, there won't be any unless you have forevers