Tuesday, September 24, 2013

cathy 3 pink dot

this one isn't finished. there will be a third pink dot in the zip code. cathy sent me some of these stamps, so i was just having fun thinking of ideas to go with them. i will be really sad when the rates go up. these are not forever stamps. the p.o. issues one design at the current rate for bulk mailing. you can order ten at a time online.

i used a chisel sharpie. i really like them for neuland-esque style writing. the tip is not crisp at all, but, you can easily square off the strokes with a white gel pen.

i was behind a man at the p.o. who was buying a huge roll of these stamps that fits on the machine that applies stamps to bulk mail. one of the big rolls of these stamps costs $4,600 for 10,000 stamps or you can get a roll of 3,000 for $1,380

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