Thursday, February 11, 2016

this just in

after 8 weeks away from my computer - this was the first thing to pop up on my morning Pinterest surf. it is the ORIGINAL source for this alphabet. it is so nice to find out where things come from. plus, she is selling the font, along with a bunch more. so, for those of you who collect fonts....

i'm not sure when i posted envelopes using this font, but it seems like it was not that long ago. i bet you could morph it into other holidays.


a HUGE thank you to everyone who sent mail in december. i think i will schedule them to appear in october and november where they will inspire holiday mail.


a GI-NORMOUS thank you to the people who included personal notes - thanking me for the blog. i am happy to be back at my desk and energized for at least one more year of blogging. feb 17th is my official birthdate for the blog.

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