Sunday, February 28, 2016

feb exchange envelopes

tomorrow is the gentle deadline to get your february envelopes in the mail. i am still putting the last details on mine.

also, jan is going to take a leave of absence from the organizational part of the exchange. she has a full schedule of fun family events coming up and her spare time has been reduced.

so - i will be doing the organizing and some of the rules have changed.
i will start the call for participants on march 1.
instead of mixed lists where you send to 5 and receive from a different 5 ---
i will compile lists of participants as they come in.
the first 6 people will go on the first list and the next 6 people will go on the second list.
and so on. your name will be on your list.

participants send to the 5 other people on the list.
you send 5 - you receive from the same 5.
if you want to send to yourself, that's fine with me.
i will also include all of the emails - so, if you are missing any envelopes, you may contact the person directly.

if you do not wish to share your email with the other participants, then don't sign up.
or create a new email that is just for exchanges using one of the free providers - like yahoo or gmail. then, if we get hacked by some bizarre mail-artist-hacker - you can just delete that account.
i will be creating a new email account to run the exchanges as i feel that will help me be organized.

PLEASE - do not contact me directly, right now, about the exchange. wait until tuesday, march 1 and we can discuss through MY NEW exchange only EMAIL. you are welcome to leave comments, suggestions, whinging and whining in the comment section of this blog post.

i am adding the emails and the self-monitoring because i will not have time to track down people who do not fulfill their commitment. most of our participants have been very conscientious about sending the mail on time. a few have been a little late. but it always works out. foreign mail tends to take a little longer.

the sign ups will close on the 7th of the month.
if i do not have exactly 6 people when the sign-ups close, i will  post a call for 5-MORE participants.
if you want to do 5 more, you will have until the 10th to sign up for 5-MORE. but if i need 2 more participants and i get 5 responses, only the first 2 participants will get on a second list.
also, if you know ahead of time that you like to do 10, you may indicate *5-MORE* on your first email. then i will add those people to make the last list a 6-person list.

FOREIGN addresses:
we only have 2 or 3 per month at most, so, I will hold those names and put only one per list. if you do not want even one foreign address, then, sadly, you will have to drop out of the exchanges. i realize the $1.20 cost of an international letter can be prohibitive. but, i don't want to exclude our foreign penpals.

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  1. Thanks to you (and Jan) for doing this, it is such fun!

  2. Yes, thank you to Jan for all the hard work, and thanks to Jean for taking over the hard work! All the new rules sound good to me!

  3. Thank you for the positive comments

  4. Thanks to Jan for all she did. Thanks to Jean for taking over so the exchange can go on.

  5. Ditto to all before me! It's inspirational to see other's work and keeping up a blog as diligently as Jean is no easy task. Opening the mailbox at the end of a crazy beat down day to find a decorated Envelope...well, it just makes everything ok again. And Jan for the copious amount of email I'm sure she has gotten for all the exchanges in organizing them. As an Envelope exchange organizer myself I know it's a thankless job, Sooooo, THANK YOU, Jan!
    PS. for those on my list for Feb .... your envelopes hit the post office today. Rehj and Jean, you were both on my list. I had a Carol too, but not sure if it's the same Carol here :)
    I hope you enjoy them!