Saturday, February 27, 2016

ribbon binge, no name

i was too lazy to go get an envelope so i drew this on a sheet of letterhead paper and figured i would fold it into an envelope. not sure which stamp i will use. it is going to go to miss cathy. today i am on a scan and post binge. is anyone going to try these ribbons? you just take a wide marker and drag it every which ways. takes 30 seconds. then you add gold and white, takes a while, but perfect for chore avoidance.
sometimes my mom reads my blog posts. i wonder if i will be admonished after this one. she's a bit of chore-meister.


  1. It is really good, I thought it was very hard but now you've explained it, I am going to give it a go. Is that gold you put around the lines as well?

    1. yes, there is gold on the edge of the ribbon and white for the highlights. i'd love to see your version. as you are draging the marker every which ways - turn the envelope in different directions, too.