Friday, February 5, 2016

rerun friday - kathy's pansies

remember those simple block letters i posted on nov 6 for bridget? this is the same style of lettering, done larger with a fat marker. while i have zig markers, you could get the exact same look using the big markers for kids. the little flowers are just dots and dashes and the only trick is to add a bit of black outline with a very fine pen and don't outline exactly on the edge. leave a little white space. those bits of white add sparkle.

i guess i should mention the shading on the lettering. that helps a lot. i have directions on how to do drop shadows in the video section. directions are included in the tiger writing. (at least i think they are. i have not actually watched it in a long time - so i could be having one of those unreliable fake memories.)


  1. My son bought me lots of Spectrum Noir markers for Christmas, so since I'm going to be moving the next few months, I'm going to really try to 'steal' some of these great ideas and see if I can go non-digital! :)

    I love this design!

  2. I'm guessing you will enjoy the markers a lot. Remember to try different ways of holding them so that your hand is not always holding them like a pen for regular writing. Watch my videos to see tips on how to hold markers and rotate your envelope or paper. Feel free to mail me some practice pages and I'll be glad to review and make suggestions.

  3. I just finished watching the videos. I had never noticed that they were there. It was nice to see you in action and hear your voice again.

    1. I meant to mention how much I love these LOVE stamps. I wish they had been Forever stamps.