Thursday, February 25, 2016

from exchanger leah

new exchanger leah made some monoprints on her envelopes. a monoprint is where you apply ink or paint to a plate (a flat surface, like a sheet of plexiglas, not an actual dinnerplate) then you put a piece of paper -or envelope- on the plate and apply pressure to transfer the paint or ink to the paper. the term *printing* means the transfer of ink or paint from a plate (with an image) to a surface - usually done multiple times. with a monoprint, you only get one image and then you start over.

leah did some fun spooky lettering on top of her monoprint. this was for the october exchange. thanks for joining the exchange, leah.  (my 420 is blocked out - she did not depend on the P.O. to know me personally. this is a scan from her because the envelope has not yet arrived)

a few days later:
this showed up...thank you leah - it's fun to compare the two. the second one fits together like a puzzle and makes a nice oval shape. i don't prefer one over the other, it's just fun to compare.

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