Friday, February 26, 2016

rerun friday - another that is not mine

sorry, i keep posting work that is not mine, but i can't help myself. *  last friday when i posted the link to the 454 Mail Art Around the World envelopes, i had not discovered that there were more albums

this link will take you to the page with all the albums and you can reeeeeeeally get lost for a while

this is the art of Guy Mocquet
if you do something like this, be sure to put on extra postage. this is non-compliant.

or, if you prefer reading articles, here is a nice one from robert genn - it's a little preachy, but has some nice thoughts if you are churning stuff and need some replacement thoughts.

*i had to edit this morning. when i read that, i thought it sounded silly. of course i could stop if i wanted to. i just don't want to. plus, i scheduled 20 new envelopes yesterday that will pop up in mid to late march. so, there will be some new work coming up.

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