Thursday, February 4, 2016

exchanges from candy and rehj

it's so much fun to pair the exchange envelopes that come in. i don't always find perfect matches, but i love how these two go together.

the top one is paste paper from candy. you can read the details on her blog - link to it is in the right column - below, on a regular computer. on a phone, i'm not sure how you will find it.

the bottom one is from rehj. it is digital and it is a postcard so my address is on the back. i have to look back and make sure i have posted the one she did for wilma that has the crane stamp on it. the watery reflection is actually a distorted *wilson.* and it has that raised thermographic coating on it so it is shiny. i know i took a photo of the envelope that shows the reflection of the shiny...i just don't remember if i got the photos posted...i'll figure this out....

thanks to both of you for participating in the exchange.

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