Sunday, February 7, 2016

off topic - guest artist - koloman moser (mary engelbreit)

chuck m sent me the link to this artist. i was flipping through a ton of great stuff and when i saw this - my brain shouted - Mary Engelbreit.

i have always been drawn to her art and i suspect she, at one time, was drawn to this kind of art. as i recall, she had a very early interest in art and her parents set her up with a little studio at home.

here is the link to koloman's site

there is an arrow > on the right of the screen that will flip you through the images - until you get to this one - and then there are more.

 i had to google mary engelbreit to be sure i spelled her name right. her story about her little home studio is correct, under About ME and her blog (there is a tab for it) has some great stuff (a new line of all-purpose snarky cards). i also liked her FAQ. basically, she started out by copying pictures out of books and never went to art school...

a lot of her stuff is so sweet, but she's realistic and adds just enough snarky to appeal to me. i also like that she gave (gives) instructions on how to copy her style. she had enough confidence to know that there was no point in trying to copyright protect every little detail in her work.

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