Tuesday, February 16, 2016

bonus post - stamp lamp

many of us have too many stamps. here is an idea for using them up.


it says you can burn a tea light inside the jar.

there must be many other items that could be stamp encrusted. many years ago i made a bird house, encrusted with postage stamps, to donate to an auction of decorative bird houses - a local fund raising event. sadly, i did not keep a photo of it.

other items that come to mind:
picture frames, coffee table, end table, my fridge, my car, a box for storing all my stamps, a lamp shade.

please add ideas in the comment section.

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  1. if you are not crafty and need instructions for how to do this. google decoupage. there are many instructions on how to glue little scraps of paper to anything. there are many kinds of adhesives. if you have white glue, you can just thin it 50-50 with water and it will work.