Wednesday, September 16, 2015

when the practice one is better

carolyn noted -and enclosed- her practice design to show that it turned out better than the actual envelope. i know the feeling and it happens all the time to me. jack had it happen to him and sent the better practice page a while back. i don't know why that happens. i think sometimes we just tighten up when it is the-final-one. there was no pressure on the practice one, so the lines are more fluid. the antidote is to buy a box of 1000 envelopes and decide that you are not going to care about how many you waste. once in a while i buy cartons and it is dreamy. they are only a nickle apiece when you buy them in a carton.

tempting, isn't it.

another option is to find 3 friends and split a carton. then you only have 250, which is plenty to make you treat every envelope like it is just a practice. even if you mess up on the first one, you can save it and use it for experimental fixing. some of the ideas that i come up with to fix something are really useful. like outlining. i think i can fix almost anything with the right kind of outlining.

thanks for sending carolyn.


  1. Where do you buy your envelopes?

  2. i have a friend who owns paper wholesale business, so i can get cartons from him. unfortunately, most paper wholesalers will not sell to individuals. so the alternative is to find a printer who will order them for you and not mark them up too much.

    i have ordered a full carton through local printers when i am doing business with them. if i only need 50 cards printed, i will order the full carton of envelopes and they don't care. you avoid shipping charges when you order through a printer and they can get the envelopes locally.

    i can usually get a carton (of 1,000) for $50 - which is 5-cents apiece. some are even less. i think the cheapest was $35 for a smaller Classic Crest. your guild should look into buying cartons of envelopes. one time i made a huge paper order and divided it up among guild members and they were thrilled to have a huge stock of supplies at very low cost.

    most of the places that sell envelopes have marked them up quite a bit. so finding a printer who you do a little business with, and then asking them to order a carton is probably the best way to get them for 5-cents.

    of course, you have to pick them up. any delivery or shipping charge will add to the cost. shipping is always expensive with envelopes because they are heavy.

  3. I Picked up a box of 500 for $6 first time I ever found something that is cheaper than the US LOL. I get it from a stationery store called Officeworks. I'm happy with my 500 and I'm not sharing LOL, I need them to send my postcards and my hand made cards as well so I need all 500 and then some

  4. I usually just get 10 packs from Paper Source and feel like I have to keep some to practice on, but my friend just gave me a 25 pack of good quality gray envelopes-very liberating, I'll have to sign up for 10 in the Oct. exchange! (and I'll have to ask her where she got them!)