Friday, September 4, 2015

jan's shattered glass

i saw an ampersand on pinterest that looked like shattered glass. so i did the name and thought both of the G-Tec inks would bleed. Only the lighter blue bled. so it turned into an unsuccessful experiment, but, i'm tossing it on the blog because i like the idea of the lettering and layout.

i did not intend to put a bow at the front of the h, but the curl looked like a c so i had to add a bow. it also looked better to pull the red over to the width of the n and i would have liked it even better if the red went as far left as the n is to line up with the red address.

does anyone have one of the love/globe stamps?
if so, email me, please
 jmwilson411[at]yahoo [dot] com       

{and scroll down to the post below for Sept exchange sign-up}

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