Thursday, September 3, 2015

september envelope exchange

sorry this image is so tiny and blurry. i just love the idea of the stair stepped stamps.

it's time to sign up for the september exchange.

if you participate you might see your envelope on the blog. i will blur the street address. i've been asking permission to post images of envelopes, but, it's taking up too much time, so, i'm just going to warn you ahead of time, that you might see your work on the blog. i trust everyone is fine with that. the whole point of the blog is to share ideas. i will just use first names. if you are a regular reader, you will know who's who.

1. beginners are welcome.
2. calligraphy is fine, but not required.
3. digital art and rubber stamping is fine.
4. you get 5 names and you mail a decorated envelope to each of those people.
5. you receive 5 envelopes, but they might be different from the people to whom you send.
6. you may sign up for 10 names, and if there are enough participants, you will get a list of 10
7. envelopes may be empty. just write *empty* on the back. if you want to enclose a note or something, go right ahead - but write *open* on the back.

sign up by Thur, Sept 10th
jan will send you a list by Tues, Sept 15th
mail your envelopes by Wed, Sept 30th

to participate send your info to
janhardt [at]mchsi [dot] com

your name
your address
your city-state-zip-country
your email


  1. If you ever put my envelope up you dont have to blot out the address as its a po box so I dont have a problem with it being seen, hey maybe I'll get a million dollars sent to me as a surprise hahahahaha

  2. thanks
    think of all the stamps you can buy with your million dollars :-)