Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2 penpals

kate (top) and nancy (bottom) both sent thank yous to me. the p.o. really did a good job of adding to the design on kate's.

the daisy topper on the J that nancy did is very cool. i wish i had thought of that. i will be stealing it.

thanks to both of you for the thank yous. i would be sending thank yous, but then, you'd have to send thank yous and where would it all end?


  1. Did you change your blog or have i been living under a rock and suddenly realised its all white LOL?
    Love those two with the decorated first letters, gives me ideas but mine wont be hand drawn.

    1. i like the idea of having *white week* then *black week* - and so on. maybe when the next batch of envelopes arrive, i can color coordinate :-)