Wednesday, September 30, 2015

cindy's birds

cindy is one of our newer exchangers. lucky people who received envelopes from cindy. so pretty how the two different bird stamps coordinate. nice foliage to tie everything together. it looks like watercolor. in case you did not know, you can always load a nib with watercolor and write. you do not have to have ink. you just need paper that is not prone to bleeding.

thanks for participating in the exchange, cindy

several people have told us about problems with envelopes being delivered to the return-address....and it might be that the scanner is reading the return address and using that for the barcode.... 

one solution/suggestion is to write the return address, small, in one line at the top edge of the back of the envelope. 

or - if you turned the envelope - still writing on the back, but turning it so that it was in the orientation shown here...then maybe the scanner would not pick up the address at all.

this envelope - in non-compliant orientation required extra postage.

when i announce the next exchange, i will post an image that shows the return address orientation that i am going to start using....and if people try it, we will see how it works. of course that means that people who have been having trouble need to sign up and test the PO


  1. I love this orientation, so pretty!

  2. Yes I have heard that is only in the US that the orientation has to be landscape instead of portrait. I dont know how Australia's work, I get all sorts coming through