Friday, September 11, 2015

sept exchange - list are almost ready

the cut off to sign up for the sept exchange was yesterday. jan will get the lists sent out in a day or two.

if you signed up for the august exchange and did not get all the mail you were expecting, please let me know - by email- to:
jmwilson411 [at] yahoo [dot] com

if you have not sent your sept envelopes, please let me know. jan and i are always happy to fill in if you are overbooked and can't get them done.

the post card above said *postcard to jan hardt*
it is a thank you for running the exchanges
i saw that tombo markers liked to be dissolved with water, so i gave it a try and added some white gel pen on top. i will stamp and address the flip side.

thanks to everyone who signed up for the september exchange
remember - the lists are not exactly back and forth. you send to 5 or 10 people and you receive from 5 or 10 other people who may not be the ones you sent to. we think maybe some of you are responding to people who sent you mail, even though you did not have them on your list to-send-to. that's fine - you are free to send extra mail.... but we just wanted to make it clear that the lists are not strictly back and forth - i hope that makes sense. maybe i should have jan explain it.

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  1. It was clear! I have sent some thank yous, but haven't heard anything back. That's okay, it wasn't required that they do.

  2. sending a thank you is so nice. and then the other person could thank you for the thank you. and it could keep going on indefinitely. i have really enjoyed the correspondence with penpals i have met through the blog, so maybe other readers will find penpals.

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  4. My August exchange was late going out - it didn't get sent until the Saturday before labor day, but they should have all reached their destinations!! Sorry for being tardy to the party! ;D

    (Removed the last comment because my Google profile wasn't no one would have known who wrote it.)

  5. thanks for letting us know. and thank you for participating :-)

  6. I tend to be a procrastinator, so unfortunately my envelopes make it in the mail on the final day, even if I have to stay up all night to get them done! It's just my work style.

    I've wanted to send thank you's but have recently had an elderly mother with open heart surgery that has taken my spare time. I understand that some people would not like to give their email address out, but that would allow me to send a quick thank you. I wouldn't mind giving my email address if that might be a consideration in the future.

    And I never count the number I receive. I have a display box that I place then all in after I admire them the day they arrive. That allows my family and visitors to thumb through them as desired. I just appreciate and enjoy those that I receive, and never know if I'm missing any!

  7. Thank you Jean and Jan, i have thoroughly enjoyed this exchange since I joined up in July. Of course they are proudly displayed on my blog I also enjoy reading whats inside from ones that write a little note to me. I have put my own special touch in each envelope for the recipient...I'm signed up for life tee hee