Saturday, September 12, 2015

from karen and the p.o.

karen took this in for a hand cancel, but someone in carol stream is sifting through the mail and finding the ones that will be enhanced by a second cancel in just-the-right-spot.
and they put it in the no-bar-code-sack.
thank you karen.

BTW, do you give credit to anyone in particular for the style of lettering?
it was one of the very first embellished styles that lured me into my obsession.
there are several scribes who teach styles like this, i am wondering if there is anyone who did-it-first. and these remind me of some of the lynn slev-something (john has two spellings) lettering. i do not have her books, but i have seen them. they are wonderful.

here is one of two - available from
B2559. Marker Lettering Vol I/Selvinskiy
Marker Lettering Vol. 1.
By Lynn Slevinsky. 8.5"x11". Spiral.

with the versals that every one calls sheri-kiesel-versals, i know for a fact that i was copying off someone whose name escapes me way before sheri started doing them. jean formo, maybe.

check below for an extra post regarding the exchange that i posted yesterday, and you would have missed, if you are an early bird.

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