Tuesday, September 15, 2015

exchange update

jean and jan on a sunny fall day in DSM.
jan and i got together to discuss a couple details on the envelope exchange.

while a few people would like to exchange emails, we decided that we will not include emails on the lists of addresses because of all the issues with email hacking. we appreciate that some people would like confirmation and a thank you that their envelope has arrived, but, the two of us are on the side of *keep it simple.*

please assume that your mail has reached its destination. if you are missing mail, let jan know and we will confirm that the mail was sent and we will send make-up envelopes.

ALSO...if a sender wants to include their email, then the receiver may let them know that the envelope arrived . That way, each participant is deciding whether or not to share their email address.

if you are going to post scans/photos/images of the envelopes you have RECEIVED - on your own blogs, please blur the names and addresses that may appear in teh form of a return address. once in a while i get spammy comments -in the comment section- which is unfortunate. i don't like the idea of the troublemakers finding my blog and making trouble. if it continues, i will disconnect the comment feature.

the best way to keep your address off the internet is to put your return address on the back of the envelope. i only post addresses of people who have specifically told me that they are fine with their address being on my blog. they are grandfathered in. i will not be posting any newcomer's addresses, even if it is OK with you.

while i wish that was a photo of jean and jan - it is actually a photo from this blog:

the exchange lists went out yesterday. if you did not receive yours, contact jan. thanks


  1. Yes most times I would love to say thanks and that I received their envelopes but I will just have to be happy that maybe they see my blog http://bridgetlarsen.blogspot.com.au/ and see that I have. Jean I have my comments set that I don't spam comments-sad that people do that these days. Thank you again Jan and Jean for this wonderful exchange that I have come to love

  2. Oooo - I saw the photo and began smiling out loud! I, too, wish the photo was of Jean and Jan.

  3. i just thought of something, we can leave it up to the senders - if you want to enclose your email address, then the person who receives the envelope may send a thank you and let you know that they received the envelope. i will change the post above.

    1. ooh great idea, thanks Jean, I just added my email to all my inserts in this months envelopes going out tomorrow, yes I was on the ball this month and got all my envelopes done before I got the names