Wednesday, September 2, 2015

carolyn's circle alphabet

carolyn is on my list of people to lure into the lettering arts. we were once neighbors with toddlers and we were soooooo creative.

anyhow, here is a way to make circles into flowers.
i had a piece of paper with ruled lines left over from a carl rohrs workshop. then i added a quote. then i found some flowers then i made some flowers. the whole thing is a hot mess.....but, i still like the idea of circles transformed into letters transformed into flowers and s-o-m-e-d-a-y i might do a better version. or better yet, one of you can make a better version and send me a scan.

i do not remember where that quote came from.
i googled it and found this:
allow yourself to be a beginner. nobody starts out being excellent. wendy flynn

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