Thursday, September 17, 2015

chuck k and finn

i hope chuck doesn't mind that i added some outlines to his lettering. i mentioned outlining yesterday and then noticed this envelope that was next in line. it was just fine, but, i thought i would use it to demonstrate how a little outlining can make the letters pop. i like the use of three colors and adding a little black to the lettering pulls everything together. it might even be fun to add a little black and lavender to the fish.
thanks for participating in the exchanges, chuck k.

and finn sent this from the UN. such a beautiful stamp. even the postmark is pretty. thank you.
as you can see, i am just getting the jun mail scanned and posted for sept (and it is getting done in late july)


  1. I got one of these from Chuck and it's such a happy and fun envelope!

  2. love the stamp and the postmark!