Tuesday, September 1, 2015

bonus post

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i am putting in a bonus post because it is the 1st of September and i said we would start a new exchange every month.
hopefully everyone in the august exchange has mailed their envelopes.
i will announce the sept exchange on thur or friday.
if you are having trouble getting your august envelopes done - just let me know.
or if you are not receiving the number of envelopes you signed up for, please let me know.
so far, everyone is keeping up.

in the mean time, here is one more bit of inspiration from ssfelix
pinterest sent me to her flickr account
47 examples of mail art
most of it is way too labor intensive for me, but it sorta screams *christy robb*
so, maybe christy has a lot of time to make more mail art 


1 comment:

  1. I have not participated in the last 3 envelope exchanges because I can't do the fun things I'd like to do right now! Mail art is at the top of my "fun" list....maybe come January.