Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Alphabet Project

Penpal Catherine Hunter is our guest blogger today. You will want to click on the two links.
The first one will take you to the entire alphabet. The second one is about the artist.
Catherine and I both like the g - and I look forward to being inspired by many of the letters.

THE  ALPHABET is a spectacular project for the city of Fitchburg, MA, revolving around the daily newspaper, a collaborative alphabet, an embedded visiting artist, a special group of reporters, and 26 typographers from around the world. The aim was to assemble the most diverse and far-reaching collaborative alphabet that has ever been created for a daily newspaper. The text highlights news stories, poetry, contributors bios, and the typographical history of each letter. 

Artist Anna Schuleit Haber proposed and received permission to take over the front page of the city’s daily newspaper, the Sentinel & Enterprise, for 26 week days from June 13 to August 11. Each typographer was encouraged to make the letter as idiosyncratic and unusual, as legible or abstract, as colorful or monochromatic as is inherent to his or her style and wider creative approach. The art is the newspaper, and the newspaper is the art.
Supported by an ‘Our Town’ Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, the project was commissioned by the Fitchburg Art Museum.
Anna Schuleit Haber  http://anna-schuleit.com.  
Thanks Catherine.

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  1. That is an amazing exhibit - I would love to see the pieces at the museum as well as online. Thanks for finding and sharing that link.