Wednesday, July 22, 2015

pueblo pots for alex

so, these stamps look great, but i'd need to use 9 to send this to her in canada. plus, she isn't even two years old, so this is a lousy way to teach her the alphabet. multiple problems, plus the obvious one that i messed up the E. so, this is just an example of how this style depends on looking at which letters are next to each other and figuring out ways of making shapes that fit together. has anyone been making their own parabola names? if so, i'd like to see examples.

i might have to make some envelopes that have really nice pueblo designs in the letters. i think that would be lovely.  i like the RA at the end.

since i had to put $1.20 in postage on this one, i was looking for two forevers - and dang - the ramirez stamps are perfect. now that i am almost out of them, i finally find a style to go with them. rats. i don't want to buy any more.

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