Friday, July 17, 2015

karen's robb-esque

remember the bright red and pink envelope that christy robb made that also inspired the cool nameplate that cathy o'rear made? well, i knew i was going to eventually do my version of christy's envelope. originally, i started with the versal name and then it reminded me of christy's envelopes, so, i just did all this from memory. i did not go back and look at christy's original. and i still haven't, as i write this. i did not make the cartouche for the stamp large enough. and i may not have any color on this....just very unsure of where it is going, but, liked the idea of showing some of these works in progress.

a couple days later+gold gel pen+colored pencil=ho-hum... or maybe a little better than ho hum. sometimes when you are stealing ideas you have to do your homework and actually look at what you are stealing...other times, a vague memory is enough.

1 comment:

  1. Looks a little like mine, and much like your own. Mine tend to lean towards the zentangle side and yours abit more sophisticated! The many ways you can go after the initial versal outline is what makes it fun. Christy R