Friday, July 24, 2015

Bocskay's Mira calligraphiae monumenta

almost everyone has heard of the Book of Kells and knows that it is a masterpiece of calligraphy. there is another book, not as well known, but equally masterful. the Getty Library has generously put high res scans out on the internet.

you have to download them one at a time and i guess they are not in order. but they are very cool and full of fabulous flourishing.

the link to the getty website is below
on the right, under Search Options
go to [Titles]  and put in this:
Mira calligraphiae monumenta

I tried typing in just Mira - and it worked fine - but maybe it was because I had already searched once. If someone tries the search with just Mira - and it works, will you please leave a commnet so I know it works

i just tried putting in Bocskay in the Maker/Artist box and it led to the book, so that is another option.


  1. I was able to search the site with Mira. Love your blog, the envelopes are inspiring. Trying to get up the nerve to participate.

  2. You do not need nerve. You just need stamps and envelopes. Trust me, all skill levels are welcome. The hot shots just like spreading their pretty envelopes. They want you to participate. Every star was once a beginner. Once you dive in and try some of the ideas, you'll be impressed with how well you progress.