Friday, July 10, 2015

exchange envelopes + the NEXT EXCHANGE sign up

here are the rest of the envelopes from the may exchange.
i apologize for not having the names of the artists on these envelopes. i have misplaced the stack. when i find it, i will repost with credit to the lovely people who participated in the exchange.

next exchange
sign up by JULY 15th and mail by JULY 30th
send your info to
janhardt (at) mchsi (dot) com

give her your:

tell her if you want to do 5 or 10 envelopes

no theme - any medium (ink, markers, digital)
envelopes may be empty
beginners are most welcome
calligraphy is optional - digital is fine
just make the envelope lovely

some of you participate in other kinds of mail art exchanges where the participants are supposed to email the sender when the envelope arrives. but jan and i are more about keeping it simple. as far as we know, everyone is receiving as many envelopes as they send. once again, if you are missing envelopes, let us know and we will send replacements.


  1. I have just spent about an hour looking at your blog. What a fantastic delight!

    1. welcome - i hope you are inspired to send some happy mail.