Sunday, July 12, 2015


legend wrote a pretty funny note to tuck in the envelope explaining how he was happier with his rough idea than the way the final envelope came out. i'm glad he shared that. it happens to me all the time. i don't think there is any way to get around it. life is a balance between planning and then watching everything go really badly and then doing something spontaneous or impulsive and having it turn out perfectly...which inspires you to be more spontaneous, but then you end up with a big fat mess, from poor planning, so you go back to planning and then the rough draft is better than the final and it's just a big ol' merry-go-round. i suppose at this point, you think i'll have some words of wisdom about how to cope with this dilemma. all i can think of is to be sure to take a nap. everything is better after a nap.

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