Sunday, July 26, 2015

Alan Blackman Exhibit - opens today

i have blogged about Alan Blackman previously. if you will be in San Francisco July 26 - Oct 11
you might want to see an exhibit of his letters to himself. 40 years of sending mail to himself. I first saw his envelopes 20 years ago and they were a huge inspiration.
or you can view them on his website.
there is a lot to look at besides envelopes. just backtrack to the home page and surf around.

another article about the exhibit
that leads to a blog that looks very interesting...
thanks to elizabeth for sending this link.

i'm not kidding, if i just followed all the links i find, i would be busy 14/7 (it takes 10 hours to sleep and eat).

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  1. awesome, now thats an idea - to send letters back to yourself- I love me - lol