Sunday, July 19, 2015

clever leaves from nonnie

nonnie didn't think this was blogworthy. the PO put some dreadful black marks across the two lower stamps. since i wanted to muffle them a little, i decided to muffle the address too - to show nonnie that the flowers were fine - they just didn't want the address competing for attention.the address was pretty bold. one way to bump up the flowers would be to add some black accent. but that can be a risky move. you might fix it or you might make it worse. but that's the fun of envelopes....

in case it isn't obvious. my name is spelled out in leaves. i am soooooo going to steal this idea. nonnie said that the cats on the apr 2nd post were the inspiration for this lettering.
thank you nonnie.

(my stolen version of this has already appeared)

then...a few days later...this arrived...
nonnie made a re-do
this time everything works
thanks, nonnie

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