Thursday, July 16, 2015

christi's dots (a note to the exchangers)

hopefully i will relocate the inspiration for this one. the inspiration is entirely filled in. i know that would look fine, but part of me is liking it with some white space, so, i really can't decide what to do. some of the ramirez stamps look fabulous with it, some point, i will show it finished.

i also thought it was a good idea to show it in various stages so you can see how the addition of black lines and white dots makes it way more interesting that just blobs of color.
it is about half done.

in case you can't tell, this is another spin off of that veggie-bead series that was not going anywhere.

we have several new people signed up for the next exchange. i think most of them came from a calligraphy forum where i mentioned my blog. remember, this blog is not limited to calligraphy. you may do rubber stamping, collage, digital art. it's up to you. it just needs to be something more than a plain address. we are happy to have new people exchanging and i look forward to posting some of the ones that arrive in des moines. 

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