Wednesday, July 1, 2015

3D mail

 this fun bottle full of boxes arrived in my mailbox. it's from penpal, Candy in oregon. she has a blog and features work that involves a variety of things including a lot of folding. these are out of paste paper. i haven't decided what i will do with the little boxes. they are so cute.

thanks, candy.

years ago, i wrote a letter on lined paper, then cut each line apart and taped it together into one very long strip and stuffed it into a bottle and mailed it. and i imagine you can find other examples on line of things to mail in a plastic bottle. i guess i should have done that as a thank you to candy. dang. i'll have to think of something else, unexpected....

here is a pinterest board with a bunch of fun ideas


  1. How did she get those boxes in that bottle? I'd love a link to her blog :)

  2. So, so cool to find that in your mailbox!!